By signing up for the "AlpenTestival", I declare that I and my travel companions agree that photographs taken by me / my fellow travelers during the event "Alpentestival" will be published by Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GAPA) for publications in their own right Names and publications of distributors may be used in their own name. I / my fellow travelers are / are also in agreement that GAPA will pass on the photographs to cooperation partners in the course of its business activities.

This approval is indefinite. It can be revoked by me / my fellow travelers only for good cause by explanation to GAPA with the proviso that with regard to the removal of pictures from Internet appearances and social media appearances a changeover period of 1 month applies, for print media an exhaustion period until the end of the ordinary validity period of the respective print medium.

Consent covers use in print media, Internet sites, social media portals, distribution on electronic media and publication in newspapers, magazines, film and television contributions and other media.

The consent is permitted for worldwide use and includes the right to edit photography. A fee for the use in accordance with the above conditions is not owed. It also includes the right to pass on to journalists and editors in accordance with the above conditions.

The consent applies in substance to the use in connection with the advertising of offers by GAPA, in particular holiday packages and events.