Notes on outdoor activities
Dear participants in the AlpenTestival,
The safety and health of our participants are of special concern to us. Therefore, we would like to give you the following information about participating in our outdoor activities, so that you can start your journey well prepared and enjoy it safely. We therefore ask you to carefully read the following points before booking and travel:

1. Due to the natural conditions and circumstances, there is an increased risk of accidents, accidents and injuries in all activities of GAPA (eg danger of falling, heat stroke, fall, etc.).
2. This risk can not be ruled out despite prudent and caring planning and support by GAPA, so that a high degree of personal responsibility and prudence on your part is required.
3. Your participation in the activities of GAPA is at your own risk.
4. We therefore recommend that you undergo a medical check-up before you book or start your journey to determine whether GAPA's activities are suitable for you based on your physical and health condition. This is all the more important because in some remote travel areas medical or emergency care is only partially guaranteed. For your own safety, therefore, also consider sufficient vaccine protection and the medicines you need.
5. Pay particular attention to the travel offers and other information about your booked trip.
6. GAPA recommends that you check your insurance cover (health insurance, insurance for return transport and salvage, as well as accident insurance) before you travel, as long as the insurance cover is not included in your booking according to the travel contract.

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